Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...I ate a lot.


This past weekend I tweeted that I wanted to do a new print for Summit City to go along with the new business cards I am getting done. I am still working on the new When I Was Little book and I'm hoping to have it done by end of June. So with that being said I thought a new print would be a great addition to all the things I have to offer for the upcoming Summit City show. This print will be a vertical 8x10. I tend to do two new prints one vertical and one horizontal. I will be working on a new print for Derby City and that one will be the horizontal.

I know I wanted to do a villain from the comic universe this time out. It's hard to make certain villains fit in the theme of the When I Was Little prints. I think the rogues gallery from the Batman universe is the easiest but I did not want to keep doing Batman villains every time. So after racking my brain suggesting characters like Mystique and Sinestro (how can fear be cute?), I had a vision early this morning.

I seriously had a dream drawing the Silver Surfer scooping up a planet and feeding it to a baby Galactus, the devour of worlds. I woke up and did this today.

Creative spark comes from the strangest places at the strangest times. Either way I'm really happy at how dopey and goofy and cute this print looks. I hope you guys dig it.

I ate a lot... by ~happyfestivus on deviantART

PS - Don't forget I'm taking commission pre-orders for Summit City. Just take a look at the convention info and give it a go!

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