Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#HEARTcards set three available at c2e2 this weekend!

The big Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (c2e2) is this weekend and I will be there with copies of HEART and now more #HEARTcards! If you know anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter Campaign tell them to come down to the c2e2 Artist Alley table L6A. I will be doing #cardBOREDsketches, selling prints, signing books, and drawing super awesome stuff!

I will be appearing on the Artist Alley Stage where you can watch me draw on a jumbo-tron. My scheduled time is Sunday (4/28) 1:00pm.

Here is the new set of HEARTcards that will be debuting at this weekend's convention:

The Breakfast Club
Scott Pilgrim


Monday, April 22, 2013

School Visit: St. Mary School, Manchester, IA

This past weekend I attended the St. Mary's School in Manchester, Iowa to give a presentation on art in picture books and the concept of visual story telling.
It was April Author month at the school and my future wife's cousin was able to set up a speaking gig. I was nervous at first but as soon as I started talking to the kids I felt at home and hopefully I educated the kids with tips on art and story telling.

I did two presentations where I talked to kids from Kindergarten through 6th grade. I told the kids how my love for drawing lead me to writing and illustrating children's books. I also spoke about where the concept for the When I Was Little series came from.

Towards the end, I had a Q&A session where I answered questions about art, hobbies, and self-publishing. I was literally blessed as a gesture of thanks and well wishes as I wrapped up my last presentation for the day. I felt honored. I had an incredible time and the kids were well behaved and asked a lot of great questions.

Thank you to Mrs. Palmer, Dawn Gaffney, the students, and faculty of St. Mary's for hosting me and allowing me to speak about art and books at their school. Also thanks to Nicole who "held my hand" through the weeks of prepping on what I was going to talk about.

I look forward to more wonderful opportunities likes this to share my art and stories and to encourage kids to find a passion and pursue their own goals.

Oh and just a reminder, I will be at the C2E2 convention this weekend at McCormick Place. Artist Alley table L6A!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bodie Troll

Hi all,

This Thursday BODIE TROLL #1 comes out written and illustrated by amazing cartoonist, Jay Fosgitt. Bodie Troll is an all ages comic about a grumpy troll named Bodie.

Jay asked me to do a pin-up for the series and I was super excited that it got put into issue 1. So get to your local comic shop and pick yourself up a copy this Thursday!

I will be attending c2e2 with some familiar faces and Jay will be there with copies of issue 1 as well. So stop by the weekend of April 26-28 and say hey!

oh and btw here's my print I did for the book:

Friday, April 5, 2013

c2e2 2013

The big Chicago Convention c2e2 is three weeks away April 26-28th at the West Building of McCormick Place. This show is always a great time so come see me at Artist Alley table L6A along with friends, Joe Foo, Mike Roll, Victor Dandridge, Jay Fosgitt, and much more!

One thing I am excited about is this year they are doing an Artist Alley Stage and they asked me to be a part of the line up!

So here's my time for that:

Post: Dan Con 2013

On March 17 I attended Dan Con at the Orland Park Civic Center. Since we moved to Orland, the convention was literally down the street from our new apartment. This was only my second year attending the show but it felt like a show I've been a part of since it's beginnings. It's because Decapitated Dan and his lovely wife, Amy, make you feel so welcomed at their show. It's about the creators and the artists. You get a sense of comfortableness, like you belong there.

My only complaint really is that it's short, it being a one day con. Luckily Dan has divided the show into two seasons, Spring and Fall. And its not like the show takes a while to really get going, the numbers in attendance are pretty big. It's almost you wished it would go on for a bit longer just so you can interact more with the fellow creators and the crowd in attendance.

I had a great time this year and I debuted my new convention banner. Nic had to step out for the day to attend to some wedding stuff but overall I handled it pretty well. I didn't draw as much as I would have liked to but people were really into the WIWL prints and books, which I can't complain.

They had a raffle in which I offered up these horror movie sketch cards and an exclusive Dan Con print I did just for the show.

I had a great time and I got to visit with my friends Dave and Rene from INSTANT PRESS COMICS! It was a great start to my convention season and I look forward to next year's show!