Monday, May 14, 2012

Post: Summit City 2012

Hello friends,
Well I am back from Summit City Comic Con and had a fantastic time.  I was sad however as my partner in crime and better half was not able to come with me.  I had to fly solo heading out the door at five to make the 10am start time.
The drive there felt like it would take forever but that's my own fault having not caught enough sleep prior.  I powered through, blasting tunes and listening to SModcasts.  I find myself calculating drive times by how many times I can watch The Dark Knight.  This trip was one and a half viewings, probably ending on the 2nd view of the interrogation scene…where Joker is getting punched in the face and Bats is screaming, "WHERE ARE THEY!?" With an hour left in my drive I was definitely feeling the exhaustion and had the hunger games.  I stopped for a quick bite to eat before heading into downtown Fort Wayne.

I made it just in time with 15 minutes before they opened the show floor.  I had an exceptional table spot being the first row, third table in.  I had the great pleasure of being neighbors with Instant Press Comics.  They kept my energy up talking comics, movies, and TV.  

The show rocked.  It was definitely a print and art show for me this year.  I didn't sell as many books as I would've liked but I certainly did a ton of business sketch wise.  I finally caught up to that sketch list around 3pm.  Took a mini break, Cheetos in hand and walked the aisles.  It gave me a chance to stop and visit con friends, Victor Dandrige, Trevor Mueller, Russell Lissau, and Dustin Carson.
The last half of the show was on the slower side but I managed to make one or two book sales and sneak in at least 3 more sketches to end the day.  I packed up and headed home.  I stopped to get some Cracker Barrel before powering through the last hour of my trip.  Spent the evening doing inventory before knocking out to reruns of Man Vs. Food.
It was a great show and quickly becoming one of my favorite one day shows to attend.  I look forward to next year.  Thanks for having me Fort Wayne!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FCBD 2012


This year for FCBD I opted not to set up a a signing anywhere.  I've just been really busy lately and deep into the production of Heart that I thought skipping it this year would provide me with some rest and relaxation time in between the heavier weeks.  Also I made plans with the misses to check out Wrigley and attend my first Cubs game.  You can read more about that here.

For FCBD we decided to head out to Skokie, IL and check out the grand opening of Aw Yeah Comics.  Owners and writer - artist  extraordinaires, Art Baltazar and Franco were doing signings and free sketches for everyone who came out.  The store looks great with Art and Franco's artistic touches painted throughout the comic shop walls.

There wasn't much left in terms of free comics as were a bit late to the party but Nic and I got a copy of the Superman Family Adventures preview that Art and Franco will be doing as a monthly series for DC.  We also got some sweet sketches and free hot dogs! (A winning combination for any comic fan.)

It was a great time and couldn't be happier for Art and Franco as they expanded the world they play in and opened a comic shop for the kids.