Monday, March 5, 2012

Post: DanCon 2012

This past Sunday WIWL began it's 2012 Convention with Dan Con out in Orland Park, IL.  This has to be the closest convention I've ever had to attend and it was great. 

The convention was set up into individual rooms, a creator room and a dealer room.  Nic and I found our spot after a little confusion with the table arrangements.  By the time we got set up, the convention was ready to roll and I must admit it went by rather quick.

It got really packed by mid afternoon and people kept me busy with sketch requests.  Nic handled all the book/print transactions and the crowds were happy to stop at your table.  With the show being more affordable than some of the bigger cons, comic fans had no problem listening to you chat about your projects and talk comics, movies, and more.

I really liked the layout of the show and it's venue, The Orland Park Civic Center.  The multiple rooms made it easier to check out everything rather than piling it into one big open space.  If you were going to check out comics and toys you knew what room to be in and you didn't have far to look.  If you were going to check out Artist Alley you knew where to go.  It was great!

Also with the spacing of the aisles, it never felt crowded.  It never felt empty either.  Some times with these larger shows the aisles are so wide it's hard to grab anyone's attention from off in the distance.  People were constantly walking and stopping at this show and that is always a plus on the artists' end.  Even if they don't end up buying anything at least you got a chance to talk about your art and projects that you are so passionate about.  If they walk away with your business card that is a definite plus in my book.  The atmosphere of Dan Con provided all these great things.

My Ghost Rider print did well and I was excited to see that people were seeking it out once it was put up on the convention's home page.  It was also nice to see my TMNT print from last year's Fanfare go up in the raffle was well as a Krang sketch card I did for the show.

One thing I was upset about was my phone didn't charge all the way and I was really excited to use my new Square reader for the show.  I had a few people ask me if I took credit card and I felt like a dope for not checking to see if my phone charged all the way through that morning.  People were still nice about it.  Another thing was I was so busy (which isn't a complaint), I didn't snap that many photos of the show itself.  I took some pics of sketches which I will throw up on my other blog.  But I thought I'd share this photo of a hat I drew some TMNT on!

Since the show was local, a lot of my friends and family stopped by to show their support.  I don't get to see them at my shows because of the pricey ticket or I am out of state, so thanks to all those who came out to the show.  That meant a lot.

Dan Con was a great way to start my season and I hope the rest of my shows are just as successful and more importantly, fun!