Saturday, January 26, 2013



I hope everyone had a great holiday. I have been quite busy since the winter and been trying to come up with new products and art for y'all. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I recently designed these #HEARTcards that share expressions of love and friendship based on some of my favorite movies:  

Say Anything
Love Actually
Shaun of the Dead

If you got the time, please check'em out!

Also if you know anyone who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign or the Holiday sale. HEART is going for $14 now throughout February. If you use the discount code: VALENTINE you get free shipping on the book until the 14th of Feb.

Spread the word, February is #sharemyHeart month


Monday, January 14, 2013

Announcing the 14 'til 14 Sale!

Hi friends,

It's been a busy new year for me with the launch of the #cardBOREDsketch box blog, but I wanted to share a bit of news that I posted on there this afternoon:

Starting today, the 14th of January, I am kicking off the 14 'til 14 Sale which will allow you to purchase a signed copy of HEART for only $14! And as as special  bonus, until the 14th of February you will get free shipping on it! All you have to do is go to my store and add a copy of the book to your shopping cart, and when prompted enter the code: VALENTINE and you receive *FREE SHIPPING! See I told you 14 was a great number!

*note: the free shipping only last 'til the 14th of February after that, you will have to pay shipping BUT the book will still be on sale from now and all of February.

I will have some new stuff to show you when Share Your Heart Month comes rolling along so please stay tuned and thanks for following me wherever: twitter, instagram, blogspot, etc.

- Justin