Friday, June 29, 2012

Post: Fantasy Con 2012

On June 9th, Nicole and I attended the Fantasy Con at the Kankakee Library.  This one day show was from 10am - 4pm and about an hour away from us.  We consider that a "local" show compared to the 5-6 hour treks we sometimes take to these conventions.

I've done conventions at libraries before but this library is massive.  It had 7 floors with the 4th being reserved just for the show.  They had table top gaming rooms, console gaming rooms, and two areas of vendors and creators.  For a library show, the layout it was really impressive.

I had a good time albeit some rude kids and parents who don't know the meaning of the words, please and thank you.  Oh you can ask Nicole all about that when you see her.  However, It was nice to catch up with convention buddies like Eric Rampson of Lonely Robot Comics and David Gruba from Instant Press.  Also we had fun sharing stories with Amy Royer and Decapitated Dan.  It was a nice con to warm me up for Kid's Read Comics in July.  I am excited and nervous as I am doing two workshops of Drawing When I Was Little.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fantasty Con 2012

Hi folks,

If you follow me on the twitters and the internets I have been very busy putting together my latest book, Heart.  I have exciting news to share though.  I am going to part of this year's Fantasy Con at the Kankakee Public Library on June 9th!  So come out and support comic shows, libraries, and awesomeness. 

Kankakee Public Library
201 E. Merchant Street
Kankakee, IL 60901

June 9th, 10am - 4pm