Monday, May 4, 2015


This past Saturday (May 2) I was at Aw Yeah Comics for Free Comic Book Day! I had the pleasure of sketching with some greats like Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son), Art Baltazar (Itty Bitty Hellboy), Benjamin Hunzeker (Sonic The Hedgehog), and Scoot McMahon (Sami The Squirrel)! It was so much fun sketching for the crowd and you can see some of those sketches I did right here. Thanks to Marc Hammond and the Aw Yeah Crew for inviting me and making me feel right at home!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Post: c2e2 2015

Last weekend I had an incredible weekend at the c2e2 convention! There was a lot of happenings and events going on through the weekend and I wish I could've been a part of them all. We attended the pre-con party at Aw Yeah Comics which was super fun, from what I remember.

The show itself was fantastic. It was a busy three days and I had a lot of people taking commissions. That kept me busy all weekend! On Saturday night, they had a Drink N' Draw to benefit the Hero Initiative as well as an art auction for St. Jude's in which they raised around $11,000!

Sunday morning I led a workshop in the Family HQ entitled Shape our Drawings. It was a fantastic turn out and kids were really into the demonstration as well as participating in a fun shape game that we played towards the end.

Wonder Care Issue 2 made its con debut and by the end of Sunday, I had sold out! I also sold quite a few prints and Heart books which always pleases me. All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I was so happy that Tressa came to the show and stayed with us. If you see her at a con near you, pick up her new book, Motherless Creatures, it's great! I also want to give a big shout out to my table buddies and all around awesome bros, MikerFoo, for grabbing dinner with us both nights and making it a fun three days. Also I sat next to Mark Waid who is one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

Thanks to the Aw Yeah Comics crew for the invites and a big awesome thanks to the Mighty Mike Negin for putting together an incredible Artist Alley! I look forward to the next year and building upon the amazing friendships I've made since this show's inception.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

c2e2 2015

I will be at the C2E2 convention in McCormick Place from Friday, April 24 to Sunday, April 26. My artist alley table number is table V13 and I'll be alongside my good friends Mike Roll and Tressina Bowling.  I also be doing art drops all weekend and on Sunday (kid's day) I am hosting a drawing workshop in their Family Fun Zone.

Here's the info for that:

Shape Our Drawings with Justin Castaneda

Sun. April 26| 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM | Family HQ – N427bc

Artist Justin Castaneda will show you the importance of using 
shapes when drawing. You will be able to see what core shapes
make up some of your favorite heroes and villains. Also, we will tap
into our imaginations and create fun, dynamic drawings from the unique 
shapes we make up.

If you are in the area or plan on coming down to the show, stop by the table
and say hi! I'll be doing commissions all weekend. And I'll have copies of
Wonder Care Issues 1 AND 2 as well as some other comics I have worked on. 

Look forward to seeing you there.
- J

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Post: DanCon 2015

The third and final convention I had in the month of March was DanCon. With all the traveling I did the past two weeks, this was a nice one to end on because it's pretty much right in our backyard of Orland Park, IL!

The show was fantastic. There were a lot of comic creators this time around from Instant Press, The Sun Bros, and the lovely, Ali Cantarella. The crowds were also excited to be there and the comic trifecta of tables that included Victor, Miker, and myself were excited to draw and talk comics. You can check out some of the commissions I did over here. And even though the venue is smaller compared to other comic shows I do, the people kept coming in and STILL I was able to sneak an art drop: 

Since its a local show for me I had some family and friends visit and my former co-worker brought her adorable daughter. I stealth took this photo as it captured the essence of why I am behind the table and why I make my art:

I always look forward to this show. Dan and Amy have been really big supporters of my art career since the jump. I'm honored that he asked me to do the last two show posters and I'm always thankful when they throw some work my way.

Up next: C2E2!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Post: Lexington Comic and Toy Con 2015

This past weekend was the Lexington Toy and Comic Con, or LCTC! This was a fantastic show and Nicole and I had a great time. The main highlight was the live art put together by Justin Stewart and his Six Bomb Boards crew.

There were some fantastic artists drawing that night from Jim Mahfood, Andy Suriano, and Dave Crosland. At one point Dracullama artist and all around BAMF, Tressa Bowling got up and did what I affectionately called a "drunk draw" with me. I think it turned out pretty awesome for how far "gone" we were.

The rest of the convention was pretty amazing and I did quite a few commissions that weekend which you can check out here. I always dig the crowd that comes through LCTC, they are always excited to see you and wonderful to chat with. I also did a few art drops for the show and even successfully planted one, *achievement unlocked:

A video posted by Justin Castaneda (@whenuwerelittle) on

Post: Wizard World Fan Fest 2015

I had a great time at the Wizard World Fan Fest. It was a smaller show than Wizard normally puts out and the main focus was definitely the celebrities but I had a good time any way and met a lot of really cool people. I did a few commissions throughout the weekend which you can check out here.

One of the highlights was that Arrow star, Caity Lotz helped a lucky fan find my art drop and she even commented on my Instagram about it so kudos to her!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wizard World Fan Fest 2015

Just announced, I'll be a guest at Wizard World's Fan Fest Chicago show this weekend, March 7-8. I'll be in their Artist Alley, table number C24. I'll have copies of Wonder Care, #cardBOREDsketches, prints, and books! Come find me and keep an eye on my Twitter/Instagram (@whenuwerelittle), I might leave an art drop or two at the show! See ya this weekend.