Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Post: DanCon 2015

The third and final convention I had in the month of March was DanCon. With all the traveling I did the past two weeks, this was a nice one to end on because it's pretty much right in our backyard of Orland Park, IL!

The show was fantastic. There were a lot of comic creators this time around from Instant Press, The Sun Bros, and the lovely, Ali Cantarella. The crowds were also excited to be there and the comic trifecta of tables that included Victor, Miker, and myself were excited to draw and talk comics. You can check out some of the commissions I did over here. And even though the venue is smaller compared to other comic shows I do, the people kept coming in and STILL I was able to sneak an art drop: 

Since its a local show for me I had some family and friends visit and my former co-worker brought her adorable daughter. I stealth took this photo as it captured the essence of why I am behind the table and why I make my art:

I always look forward to this show. Dan and Amy have been really big supporters of my art career since the jump. I'm honored that he asked me to do the last two show posters and I'm always thankful when they throw some work my way.

Up next: C2E2!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Post: Lexington Comic and Toy Con 2015

This past weekend was the Lexington Toy and Comic Con, or LCTC! This was a fantastic show and Nicole and I had a great time. The main highlight was the live art put together by Justin Stewart and his Six Bomb Boards crew.

There were some fantastic artists drawing that night from Jim Mahfood, Andy Suriano, and Dave Crosland. At one point Dracullama artist and all around BAMF, Tressa Bowling got up and did what I affectionately called a "drunk draw" with me. I think it turned out pretty awesome for how far "gone" we were.

The rest of the convention was pretty amazing and I did quite a few commissions that weekend which you can check out here. I always dig the crowd that comes through LCTC, they are always excited to see you and wonderful to chat with. I also did a few art drops for the show and even successfully planted one, *achievement unlocked:

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Post: Wizard World Fan Fest 2015

I had a great time at the Wizard World Fan Fest. It was a smaller show than Wizard normally puts out and the main focus was definitely the celebrities but I had a good time any way and met a lot of really cool people. I did a few commissions throughout the weekend which you can check out here.

One of the highlights was that Arrow star, Caity Lotz helped a lucky fan find my art drop and she even commented on my Instagram about it so kudos to her!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wizard World Fan Fest 2015

Just announced, I'll be a guest at Wizard World's Fan Fest Chicago show this weekend, March 7-8. I'll be in their Artist Alley, table number C24. I'll have copies of Wonder Care, #cardBOREDsketches, prints, and books! Come find me and keep an eye on my Twitter/Instagram (@whenuwerelittle), I might leave an art drop or two at the show! See ya this weekend.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Aw Yeah Sketchin' 4 Paws For Ability!

This past Saturday we raised over $300 dollars drawing for 4 Paws For Ability. It was a great time had by all and I want to thank the Aw Yeah Comics crew for inviting me to come hang out and sketch for a great cause!

*For a look at more sketches I did that day, click here!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sweetheart Sketchin' @ Aw Yeah Comics

The crew from AYC asked me to come in February 14th from 2pm-5pm to do some sketching for charity. Come throw some money our way and get some wonderful artwork. You can also pick up Issues #7 and #9 of AW YEAH COMICS which features artwork and stories by yours truly. 

ART BALTAZAR, JAMIE COSLEY, RANDY FIELD, and BENJAMIN HUNZEKER will be on hand to doodle and color that special sketch for your sweetheart!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Wonder Care presents: After School coming soon!

Hi all,

After the release of Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians #1, I approached Victor about doing a web series based on these three panel strips of knock knock jokes he tagged at the end of the book. I thought it'd be a great idea to do a few of these for fun as a filler when we were between issues.

During the winter months the conversation grew. The thought of doing these like the Sunday Funnies of our youth also presented the challenge of having another outlet to tell stories in this three panel format. This would give the readers an incentive to check back and see what happens next!

We began brainstorming ideas showcasing the kids interacting with each other to even further develop their personalities and quirks, not just on the pages of the comic. The idea of introducing new characters and sharing the untold origin stories of some, opened more creative opportunities for us to share and give to our readership.

As we start this new chapter with the wonderful kids we will begin like they would, with baby steps. Here is the first art from After School!

As of right now we don't have an exact launch date but it will be sometime towards the end of February when my convention season begins. The comics will be published on it's very own tumblr page which you can check out right here: http://wondercareafterschool.tumblr.com/

We are excited to dive into the world of web comics with you and hope you enjoy it!