Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reading Rainbow

Last summer Levar Burton and Reading Rainbow broke records with their kickstarter. One of the rewards they announced was a calendar inspired by the theme, "Go Anywhere, Be Anything." They had a contest to submit a piece of artwork to be included as one of the 12 months that features artists such as Chris Eliopoulos (Ordinary People Change the World, Katie Cook, (My Little Pony, and Penny Aracde.

Last weekend they announced the winners and although I wasn't one of the artists to win their very own month, they were so impressed with the artwork I submitted that they selected it as one of their nine honorable mention entries to be featured on the back cover of the calendar!

So I wanted to give you all a closer look at my contribution:

Friday, November 14, 2014

Geek Galaxy Con 2014

The first ever Geek Galaxy Con is this weekend November 15-16! I'll be at table 8! I'll also be recording an episode of Sequential Spirits with Tressina Bowling and Justin Stewart. It should be a good show so tune in for that. Click the links for more info!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wizard World Ohio Con 2014

I will be attending the Wizard World Ohio show this Halloween weekend in Columbus, Ohio!

My table number for artist alley is B26. If you come by on Friday (Oct.31st)  I'll be handing out free Halloween themed  #HEARTcards. And on Saturday I will be doing an #ArtDrop or two so follow @whenuwerelittle via twitter or instagram for clues!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Southland Author Fair 2014

I was asked to participate in the Southland Author Fair at the Orland Park Public Library Saturday October 11, from 10am-1pm. We will be in the main lobby of the library talking about the art of comics. I will have several copies of  comics I have worked on including HEART and my newest project with Victor Dandridge, WONDER CARE PRESENTS: THE KINDER GUARDIANS. Hope to see you all there!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Post: Aw Yeah Sketches for The Hero Initiative

This past Saturday, I was invited by Aw Yeah Comics to sketch for donations to the Hero Initiative.  I accompanied Randy Field, Ben Hunzeker, and Kurt Wood and we sketched from 11am - 2pm but we all stayed over a little extra because it was so much fun!

Here are some of the pieces I did that day all in the name of Jack "The King" Kirby:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Post: Wizard World Chicago Art Drop

This past Saturday, I attended Wizard World Chicago. I was not only there for the release of Wonder Care presents: The Kinder Guardians #1, but I wanted to do an art drop experiment for the show.
An art drop is where you go to random locations and hide a piece of art in a specific area and give clues on your social media feed (Instagram, Twitter, or both) so that people who follow you can find it.

Since I was only going to be at the convention for the one day I thought it'd be fun to leave a little something, something for the hundreds of attendees. It also gave me something to do at the show besides walking around and spending money. 

I had Miker with me and we got to the show around 10:30 am. We must have walked the entire show floor a dozen times. 

I tried to leave the drawings in places that would have a constant flow of people such as information booths, eateries, and rest areas

About lunch time, I hit a snag with the clue portion as I wasn't able to upload my photo clues to Instagram and Twitter. It was quite frustrating not being able to tell my followers where I've hidden my #carsBOREDsketches. There was no Wi-Fi and the cell service was terrible.

I stopped by Victor's table for our Wonder Care signing at 1pm. It went excellent and I hid an art drop in one of the issues which my cousins ended up finding.

photo credit: @eliza_bacani on Instagram

Being fed up with the terrible cell service. I decided not to worry about uploading the clues until I was able. Miker and I took a break for lunch and I shut my phone off. After recharging my battery...and my phone, I tried again. 

Success! The clues were able to upload and I was able to post the photos of where I placed the last four sketches. I also left one at our table.

Getting my second wind the next art drop was the most fun. For my Winter Soldier sketch, I found a cos-player donning the look of Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes. The best part was he had one of those giant convention bags,which after a few attempts, I was able to drop the sketch into. It was really exciting!

Now, the very last art drop I did wasn't technically an art drop. Back at the Wonder Care signing Victor said I should give the Merle Dixon sketch to Michael Rooker...ya know for fun.

So I did. I dropped that sketch right into his hands. He was super cool about it and even busted my chops with a critique saying, "Why do I look bald, man?!" He said he dug the piece and we snapped this photo:

Hope you enjoyed this recap of my day of sharing. I know of at least 4 of the pieces that were claimed so if you found one, please let me know via @whenuwerelittle and #wwchicagoartdrop. I definitely had a lot of fun doing it. It was a nice warm up to September 2nd...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Wizard World Chicago Wonder Care Signing & Art Drop

Now I don't actually have a table for Wizard World Chicago this weekend, but I will be attending Saturday, August 23rd! I will be walking the show floor and will be signing at Victor Dandridge's table, B31 for our new book, Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians around 1pm!

... and as a bonus, while I'm visiting with friends, I will be doing 10 Art Drops, randomly hiding art all over the convention floor. Hope you find one!