Tuesday, December 19, 2017

November - December Recap

NOVEMBER 4 - My next show after Grand Rapids was the Mini Comic Con at the Vernon Library in Lincolnshire, IL. This was a smaller show but it had a great turn out of families. Afterward Wesley Sun and I grabbed some coffee and talked about the shows we had during the last few months.

NOVEMBER 20 - I received my check from The Upper Deck Company which meant I was finally able to break my silence! I got to work on a special Alien sketch card set for 20th Century Fox, which I started way back in March. I've been posting them periodically on my Instagram.

NOVEMBER 29 - Back in September, I did an interview and photo shoot for the upstart, Urban Matrix Magazine. I had such a wonderful time talking about the creative process and on this day, they compiled all the footage and released a video.

DECEMBER 1 - As the holiday shopping season began, I decided it was a good time to finally open up my Threadless Artist Shop. I had my older brother John, help me design some images that I wanted to put on to t-shirts. If you check out the link, I have 5 designs right now and will be adding some periodically throughout 2018. I'm so excited that I can put Thump on a Tee! Visit art2heart.threadless.com!

DECEMBER 3 - I was invited by Pop Culture Classroom and Barnes And Noble Orland Park for a book signing and appearance. I was joined by fellow creatives: Jim McClain, Sean Dove, Gene Ha, and Zach Lehner. It went from 12pm-4pm and I had a wonderful time. So many shoppers came up to the tables and picked up signed copies of our books as holiday presents. I think the best part of the setup was that they were able to take a book, get it signed, and continue with their shopping experience. I felt like that took off a lot of the pressure on my end when it came time to pitch it to the potential buyers. The group of us also got to take a photo with Elsa so it was a pretty magical afternoon and SO CLOSE to home!

DECEMBER 16 - My very last show of 2017 was Pocket Con. Taking place at the historic Chicago Cultural Center, Pocket Con celebrates diversity in comics. From 12pm-6pm crowds were treated to live music, comics, and games. Pocket Con also featured works from underrepresented groups, such as women, Latinos, LGBTQ, and other minorities. I had a great time and even traded some art with young aspiring artists. Afterwards, our comics group got together for a post-con dinner at the wonderful Elephant And Castle.

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