Friday, July 17, 2015


During the last 24 hours I had this creative brain fart about Periscope and social media in general (don't worry that's a positive thing).

For those not in the know, Periscope is an app where you can live stream video from your smart phone and users can log on and see what you see.

So the last few Periscope videos I did went over pretty well and I enjoyed doing them and interacting with whoever was watching.

From there, this snowball effect happened and I was left with this: social media programming, FREE creative content just for YOU

It's simple. All you need is your smart phone, click the follow button on whatever social media you are into, and you can see what I'm up to everyday. And if you dig it, share it!

So your #WeeklyWhenUWereLittle is this:

Monday's: #HyperlapseMonday is a timelapse video of the artistic process taken with the video app Hyperlapse
Posts on Instagram and YouTube

Tuesday's: After School is a weekly web-comic I do with fellow creator, Victor Dandridge. They are the mini-adventures based on the print comic we do, Wonder Care Presents: The Kinder Guardians.
- Posts on Tumblr and Twitter.

Wednesday's: The Pull Box is a bi-weekly show where I talk about the latest comics I am into and we discuss what everyone picked up for New Comic Book Day!
- Posts on Periscope.

Thursday's: #TBT w/Me is a show where I take a look at old sketchbooks and you can ask me questions like, "Why do you like drawing Alf?" Watch my art style evolve as we go through the pages together.
- Posts on Periscope.

Friday's: Draw, Monkey! is a show where viewers can tune in and from the jump suggest a character for me to draw. I talk about my process and show you what tools I am using as we go from roughs to a finished drawing.
- Posts on Periscope.

*So I hope you tune in and find me on your various social media outlets! Use the following hashtag: #WeeklyWhenUWereLittle