Friday, January 20, 2012

Where have I been? What to expect in 2012!

I apologize for the lack of updates but during the winter season I tend to hibernate with my new projects.  I did announce a new book and I am really excited about the project.  Since it's not WIWL related you can read more about that over here.  As far as WIWL is concerned I am still actively involved with that.  I will still be touring with the Coloring book as earlier conventions missed out on it's summer of 2011 release.  I am also going to be releasing buttons of my  8x10 prints under my good friends, Mutant Cactus.  I am extremely excited about this collaboration so please check them out for all your button and magnet needs! 

I am currently developing two final projects for the WIWL series that are sure to amaze.  I can't say anything because I want them to be a huge surprise and if everything goes well, one will make their debut in May.  *FINGERS CROSSED!

I hope to have more Drawing workshops in 2012 as well as participating with more organizations that are all about kids and comics.  I am excited for the year and what opportunities may open up.  When I Was Little will never go away and I hope you are okay with that.  It's all about going beyond's about evolving the brand.

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