Saturday, January 21, 2012

The kids are alright!

Yesterday was an especially fun.  Earlier I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Ms. Punke and her 2nd graders of Lincoln Elementary School.  Before the Skype session they were read the entire series so they can ask me questions and share their favorite pages with me.  I told them about my inspiration to write the series and was asked a lot of artistic questions. That lead me to tease them with a page from Heart.  They oohed and aahed and gave me a tiny 2nd grade standing ovation. 

I was informed by Ms. Punke that the kids art project for this year was to color pages from the Coloring book.  I was excited to know that and hope that they have a great time with the book. 

The Skype session filled me with motivation.  I ended up doing 7 pages for the new book and wrote up two blog posts.  If all goes well I might be able to knock the entire thing out this weekend!

Here's a picture to capture the moment:

I told them about the power stance that the kids do on the cover of my books. And I asked them to strike a pose.  I also mentioned that my 3yr old niece has been calling it her princess goodbye....hey maybe there's a book in there somewhere? ;)

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