Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post: SPX 2011


 This past Saturday/Sunday in Behtesda, MD.  I was part of the SPX 2011 show at the North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center.  I was joined by the Joe Foo, Mike Roll, and Kelly Tierney.  This was my first time attending and I was quite impressed with the turn out.  Saturday was a non-stop crowd and it was quite over whelming at first but eventually I was able to adapt to it and being able to talk about my books to interested on-lookers.  I really got a lot of one on one interaction with people interested in the series, even though the size of the show was quite large.  I had a great time and a lot of coloring books were picked up so THANK YOU!

 I didn't sketch as much as I usually do at conventions but this being a big independent show, a lot of people were really into buying books.  I was also one of them.  It was definitely a show where you could spend a lot of money and everything was great.  I really love indie books and this was THE indie book show.

I think I would attend this show again.  I would need to work on a few new things and maybe invest in an easy to assemble sign.  I already have a big foam board sign that I've used in the past but it would have been hard to fly with. 

The best thing too was Nic and I were able to schedule a vacation around the show which we'll talk about in-depth (maybe) on our blog.

Next up for me is the Iowa Story City Festival.  

To here all about the great stuff I picked up at SPX, click here!


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