Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post c2e2

Hello all,

I've been away from the desk a bit after the dust has settled from what was a terrific start to the convention season for me.

The show was bigger and better in every way in terms of Artist Alley, vendors, guests, panels, and layout of the show floor.

I wish I could haven taken more advantage of that but in a good way, I was at my table for most of the show. I shared my table this year with Mike Roll, whom I went to Detroit Fanfare with last year. We plan on going to SPX and plans are in the works of returning to Fanfare in September!

Sitting on my left side I met the great Cary Kelley, author of Fallen Justice and the DynaGirl web comic. This guy was my savior when it came to odd sketch requests. He busted out his ipad with me and talked good ole' Austin Texas BBQ with Nicole. He is probably THE nicest table neighbor I have ever had at a con. The man knows EVERYTHING about EVERY CHARACTER in the comic book universe.

Friday night Nic and I had dinner with some new friends I met last year at Mid Ohio Con. We went to Jerry's Sandwiches. Where I had the best burger ever, the Crab Cake Burger.

Saturday day was busy day. It was also family and friends day as some came out to support me. I also re-met a few people who contributed to When You Were Little and stopped by my table to check out the book. It was great reconnecting with them and having a few moments admist my busy sketch-dule (hehe) for the day.

Sunday was kid's day and also Nicole was attending my niece's baptism so I was on my own. It was a bit nerve racking trying to take sketch requests, handle book sales, and draw at the same time but Cary and Mike were real helpful in watching my table during bathroom breaks. A lot of kids and parents responded to the new seems the Green Lantern from last year and the Captain America and Catwoman were the cutest of the bunch.

c2e2 was quite the experience and I look forward to the how the rest of the convention season turns out. Keep an eye on the blog, twitter, and facebook, as I'll eventually be adding more show dates and book festivals as they come to me.

Thanks all for the support and please stay tuned for what's in store in the When I Was Little series!

Here's some select sketches from c2e2 that I thought you'd enjoy:

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