Tuesday, May 4, 2010

FCBD 2010: recap

I wish I had more to post about FCBD but my partner in crime had to work so I wasn't really able to capture any pictures. The main reason was because when I got settled in at Dreamland Comics, I threw this sign up:

The sign really worked and the store got really busy in the afternoon. I was amazed at the number of parents coming in with their kids getting them interested in comics. I met some nice people who really took a liking to my art style and said it was perfect for their kids. All in all it was a fun event. I drew a lot of Supergirls and Wonder Women for the kiddies. I want to send a big thank you out to Laurie and the staff of Dreamland Comics, they were all great! Next year, I'll remember to bust out the camera and snap some photos.

Of course I didn't walk away empty handed:

Funny I picked up mostly the kid comics...go figure. My coworker was kind enough to give me War of The Supermen #0. I spent the other day reading up on the back story and must now collect the entire 2 years worth in hardcovers and trades to catch up. I can't wait! Buuuut I gotta read all these comics first.

If you live in the Schaumburg area, please check out Dreamland Comics.

1415 West Schaumburg Road
Schaumburg, IL 60194-4051

(847) 524-6060

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