Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Post: DanCon 2015

The third and final convention I had in the month of March was DanCon. With all the traveling I did the past two weeks, this was a nice one to end on because it's pretty much right in our backyard of Orland Park, IL!

The show was fantastic. There were a lot of comic creators this time around from Instant Press, The Sun Bros, and the lovely, Ali Cantarella. The crowds were also excited to be there and the comic trifecta of tables that included Victor, Miker, and myself were excited to draw and talk comics. You can check out some of the commissions I did over here. And even though the venue is smaller compared to other comic shows I do, the people kept coming in and STILL I was able to sneak an art drop: 

Since its a local show for me I had some family and friends visit and my former co-worker brought her adorable daughter. I stealth took this photo as it captured the essence of why I am behind the table and why I make my art:

I always look forward to this show. Dan and Amy have been really big supporters of my art career since the jump. I'm honored that he asked me to do the last two show posters and I'm always thankful when they throw some work my way.

Up next: C2E2!

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