Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Post: Wizard World Chicago Art Drop

This past Saturday, I attended Wizard World Chicago. I was not only there for the release of Wonder Care presents: The Kinder Guardians #1, but I wanted to do an art drop experiment for the show.
An art drop is where you go to random locations and hide a piece of art in a specific area and give clues on your social media feed (Instagram, Twitter, or both) so that people who follow you can find it.

Since I was only going to be at the convention for the one day I thought it'd be fun to leave a little something, something for the hundreds of attendees. It also gave me something to do at the show besides walking around and spending money. 

I had Miker with me and we got to the show around 10:30 am. We must have walked the entire show floor a dozen times. 

I tried to leave the drawings in places that would have a constant flow of people such as information booths, eateries, and rest areas

About lunch time, I hit a snag with the clue portion as I wasn't able to upload my photo clues to Instagram and Twitter. It was quite frustrating not being able to tell my followers where I've hidden my #carsBOREDsketches. There was no Wi-Fi and the cell service was terrible.

I stopped by Victor's table for our Wonder Care signing at 1pm. It went excellent and I hid an art drop in one of the issues which my cousins ended up finding.

photo credit: @eliza_bacani on Instagram

Being fed up with the terrible cell service. I decided not to worry about uploading the clues until I was able. Miker and I took a break for lunch and I shut my phone off. After recharging my battery...and my phone, I tried again. 

Success! The clues were able to upload and I was able to post the photos of where I placed the last four sketches. I also left one at our table.

Getting my second wind the next art drop was the most fun. For my Winter Soldier sketch, I found a cos-player donning the look of Winter Soldier / Bucky Barnes. The best part was he had one of those giant convention bags,which after a few attempts, I was able to drop the sketch into. It was really exciting!

Now, the very last art drop I did wasn't technically an art drop. Back at the Wonder Care signing Victor said I should give the Merle Dixon sketch to Michael Rooker...ya know for fun.

So I did. I dropped that sketch right into his hands. He was super cool about it and even busted my chops with a critique saying, "Why do I look bald, man?!" He said he dug the piece and we snapped this photo:

Hope you enjoyed this recap of my day of sharing. I know of at least 4 of the pieces that were claimed so if you found one, please let me know via @whenuwerelittle and #wwchicagoartdrop. I definitely had a lot of fun doing it. It was a nice warm up to September 2nd...

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