Monday, October 22, 2012

Post: Kokomo Con 2012

Hi all,

This past Saturday I attended the KOKOMO CON at The Kokomo Event Center in, you guessed it, Kokokmo Indiana. The K-Crew sure do know how to make an artist feel special at their show. All thru the event, the volunteers would come by with water and snacks constantly checking on us.  They also provided me with a Kid Friendly Content sign to hang by my table area. It helped parents identify which tables they can bring their kids too. It was a really cool idea and definitely added to the walk ups I had throughout the day.

I had a great time drawing for people and it looks like the #cardBOREDsketches are really catching on. I'm so happy for that because I've grown so fond of drawing on these boards, especially over the course of the #sharemyHeart campaign.

It was definitely an art and print show for me which I cannot complain too much about because it kept me busy and interactive with the friendly crowd. I was bummed that I wasn't able to move any HEART books at the show. I felt after awhile that if it didn't have Batman or Superman on it, people were not interested. I got a lot of feelers but no one wanted to take one home. It seems like I may have to open up some the brainstorm cloud and  find a way to better market and sell this book, which means not sticking strictly to comic book shows.

Towards the halfway point of the show it definitely started to slow down and by the last two hours, the attendance was pretty bare. I toughed it out though and these wonderful girls kept me busy with cardBOREDsketch requests:

Another con highlight was this li'l girl dressed as Jenny Weasley that kept coming back to chat with Nicole about EVERYTHING. It was really cute and the girl made the con even more awesome!

I had a great time at Kokomo drawing for people and catching up with convention friends, DUSTIN CARSON and VICTOR DANDRIDGE. I also got to reacquaint myself with the creators of Little Guardians, ED CHO and LEE CHEROLIS. Really great guys and very approachable. I picked up their Book One collection of the web comic. Lee was also awesome enough to do a Krang sketch for my TMNT book. It is super awesome, check it out:

*photo courtesy of leecherolis' instagram.

 Up next: Detroit Fanfare

*to see all the sketches I did at the show, head over here.

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S.D.Hilton said...

We loved having you out to the show, and I'm happy the sketches went so well. The KOKOMO-CON will have to step up its efforts to help you sell more copies of HEART or your latest project next year, if we can get you to return, and perhaps team up to get you more attention to your booth.

Thank you again for taking a chance on us, and I hope that we didn't let you down.