Monday, September 24, 2012

Post: CCE 12

This past weekend I attended the Cincinnati Comic Expo. I have been told about the CCE show throughout the year with promises of it being bigger and better than years prior. Unfortunately HEART wasn't shipped in time so I wasn't going to have them for the show.  I was super bummed.  We drove up Friday morning because there was a preview night but it was really empty after I was all set up.

The following Saturday was better catching up with good friends, Mutant Cactus, Victor Dandridge, and Dustin Carson. Mutant had the LITTLE supers buttons as well as Victor's 8bits for sale and the crowds seemed to really warm up to them.

Sunday was the busier of the two days being the Kids Con portion but I didn't really see that many families coming down the aisles.  They preferred to stay just on the outskirts.

Towards the end of the show I met some new people and even talked with comics legend, Steve EnglehartHe was my table neighbor along with Geof Darrow of all people! Across the way were Mike Norton, Katie Cook, and Scratch9 creator, Rob Worley. It was pretty amazing to see these greats talk with their fans and share stories with fellow exhibitors in the Artist Alley.

Meeting with a lot of different artists, I got to survey what they thought of the show. It was very half and half.  With past exhibitors of the show proclaiming it was bigger and better and a lot of first timers saying it was lighter than shows they've been to earlier in the year.

I can't complain all that much as I had a great time with friends, networked a ton, and got to draw some cardBORED sketches for the kiddies, the ones that stopped by the table. 

Some highlights for me were taking part in the Epipheo Story Challenge and chatting it up with the creators of Little Guardians, Ed Cho and Lee Cherolis.

If you stopped by my table this weekend and said hi, maybe bought a sketch or two, thank you so much!

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Levi Bethune said...

It was SO great to meet you and get to hang out a bit. Thanks a lot for contributing to our little game. Everyone at Epipheo has been gushing (blood) over your 5-panel strip. Thanks again.