Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Packaging the Alphabet and preppin' for c2e2!

Hi all,

We are getting ready for the big c2e2 Convention this Friday-Sunday at McCormick Place.  I will be at table E5 with Joe Foo and Mike Roll and I will have a lot of new stuff on hand!

 Today I received the first set of Playing The Alphabet,  my flashcards devoted to playing games and having fun.  I was happy to this massive heavy package waiting for me downstairs and when I cracked it open I had the biggest smile on my face.  Something the stress of preparing for this month had taken away. It all paid off as the cards came nicely glossed on a rich card stock.  The images are pretty vibrant and colorful and emulated everything I wanted in my own version of the alphabet.

I also ordered some boxes with clear tops to display them  in.  I was nervous at first that they weren't going to fit.  I was thinking they were too big or that the box might be too small. Luckily, they worked out great with enough room for kids to reach in and take out.

So tonight, Nic and I have been counting prints, packing the cards, and doing book counts.  It's been a productive evening but still SUPER SUPER fun because I have no product for the show and the rest of the season and it turned out great.  Check'em out.

A big thanks to Greko Printer and Mike Roll who also helped print my Coloring books last year.  They were efficient, affordable, and even packed the cards with rubber bands to keep'em safe.  I would recommend for all your print needs for sure.  They do great work.

Here's the final product shot you will see at my table:

Hope to see you at the show this weekend! Remember, Table E5!

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Unknown said...

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