Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ask me a question!

This morning I had a Q&A with the amazing 2nd grade kids of McKinley and their wonderful teacher, Ms. Punke.  I like doing these sessions with kids as it gives me a chance to really talk to my core audience.

I always say the WIWL series is for all ages.  My main goal was (and still is) to always make it for the kids and hopefully light a creative spark in them to produce their own art.  It just so happens that my source material is my own childhood and a lot of adults can relate to some of the things I write and draw about.  So when I have opportunities like this, it really connects me with who I am writing books and making the art for. 

The kids were eager to know about the series and they asked a lot of questions.  I tried my best to give insightful and rapid fire answers so more kids had a chance to ask a question.  I described my thought process when making new pages and how what I initially write usually changes depending on the rough drawings.  I tend to have a backwards way of writing as I am a visual person and the pictures help me write.  I feel I can tell a much more precise story when I have roughed it out on paper.

I also talked briefly about Heart and the water color process I did for the book.  I gave them a  sort of 360 tour of my studio. Completely orange...except for the windows and ceilings, which they kindly pointed out to me.

We ended how I ended on the last session, except they were the ones who wanted to powerstance and princess goodbye.  I didn't even have to ask! (total geek moment)  Thank's again to Ms. Punke for setting up another great Q&A with her amazing kids.

These sessions always fuel me creatively and makes this 82 year old (their guess) want to do more things for kids.

Luckily, I have several projects going and the wheels are a-turnin'.

Here are the kids giving me their best goodbye:

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