Sunday, May 8, 2011

Recap: FCBD 2011

Hello this past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. I was at signing at Dreamland Comics with Art Balthazar and Jeff Balke. A lot of families came out which was awesome and I gave out some free When I Was Little book marks and did some sketch cards for the kiddies.

After the event, I hung out with some of my good friends. We had linner at The Village Tavern where I had something amazing called, The Nachorama....oh yeah good eats:

Aftewards we continued the hangout where we played the new Mortal Kombat for the 360. I. Must. Own. That game is incredibly fun.

After that, I caught a double feature of Thor and Fast Five. Thor was amazing and it grows on you after the fact. The epic scale of Asgard and the humanity of it's characters it is definitely a great summer flick.

Free Comic Book day was a blast. I hope you got some good comics and met some great creators. On to the next: Summit City, June 18

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Argon said...

Sorry I missed you at Dreamland. I was planning on making it over there, but got held up at the shop building some bookshelves. I too liked Thor, even though he is my least favorite of the Avengers.